Right now in Swaziland, Africa, the non-profit farming business Manna Farms is starting to take off in partnership with Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU). American students and Swazi students are taking action working from culture to culture to build God’s kingdom developing this overseas commercial farm on the grounds of SANU at the College of Theology in Siteki, Swaziland. This farm will provide scholarships for theology students and bi-vocational training for these pastors.

A honeybee farm is ready to produce and sell honey thanks to efforts of two SIFE teams and SNU alumni Dr. Clint and Janice Walker. This year SIFE is taking a step further. We are starting a tilapia farm. Our students are passionate and ready to take act…


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Team with and mentor designated students from SNU and SANU in developing and executing business plans for these and other new agribusiness projects.

Pray that students of SIFE and those involved in these projects are able to successfully do the Lord’s work as the projects are fulfilled in and through the lives of the Swazis.

Give to help us fund the projects on the field as we build the tilapia farm and other food security projects that will transform their community.

Go by partnering with our SIFE team as a mentor and advisor to our marketing, operations, financial, and operations teams.

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